The Role of the UK Stem Cell Bank

UKSCB PhotographThe UK Stem Cell Bank was established to provide a repository of human embryonic, foetal and adult stem cell lines as part of the UK governance for the use of human embryos for research. Its role is to provide quality controlled stocks of these cells that researchers worldwide can rely on to facilitate high quality and standardised research. It is also ready to prepare stocks of ‘clinical grade’ cell lines as seed stocks for the development of therapies.

Latest News

Stem Cell Bank News

  • New Direction for UK Stem Cell Bank

    As the UKSCB progresses into phase III funding the Bank requires a new mode of operation where it has greater freedom to Act and develop income generating activities. Accordingly, the Bank is establishing a new relationship with its steering committee (The Steering Committee for the UK Stem Cell Bank and for the Use of Stem Cell Lines).

    23 Jun 2011

  • New R&D projects

    The Bank had start up meetings for two new EC FP7 projects which will help to develop its activity in alternative testing for toxicology.

    07 Mar 2011

  • UKSCB Phase III (2011 – 2014)

    The MRC and BBSRC have approved funding for Phase III of UKSCB operation (2011 – 2014) under new Terms and Conditions.

    07 Mar 2011

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Assuring the quality of stem cells for the scientific and clinical community

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